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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is your Kid Pumping?

Last October my DS started pumping with an Animas Pump. He started on Lantus which meant we were always chasing him with a needle to cover for food, since he's been pumping we have noticed that his numbers are much more in range but he still sneaks food, were working on that. With the pump you can give insulin right down to a 10th of a unit with the needle we struggled with the exact amount of insulin he needed. I highly recommend the pump for kids it seems to give our DS more freedom with his disease. Here are some advantages of using the pump:

A pump can offer you greater control, more predictability and increased flexibility. With pump therapy you can…
• control your blood sugar with only rapid acting insulin
• automatically regulate your insulin to accommodate dawn phenomenon
• adjust your insulin so you do not have to eat before exercising
• increase your insulin temporarily to cover times of illness, stress or just a long trip in the car
• travel across different time zones with ease
And when you eat or snack, a few button presses will cover as much or as little as you eat!


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