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Friday, March 31, 2006

Sneaky Carb Eater

My DS is sneaking the carbs again, I wish I could get him to realize what he's doing to his body it seems like we go through this everyday. He's starting to get into the habit of eating chips, and other snack without testing his blood sugar first. There's nothing worse then checking your diabetic child's sugar and the meter reads (HI) that means his sugars are over 600, not good. I sometimes feel like I need to lock the cupboards but he has to learn to have better control over his eating habits. I think I'm going to have to start grounding him again for this even though I was told by his Endocrinologist to not punish for this sort of behavior, His theory is let him have the carbs and sugar just give him insulin coverage for what he eats, well that's all fine but it sure would help if my DS would keep track of what he's putting in his mouth. As it stands now I have to follow him around asking what he has had that he didn't tell me about. What a job!!


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