Kids With Juvenile Diabetes

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cost of Prescriptions

Over the last 5 years we have spent probably well into the thousands for my sons supplies, Insulin, lancets, test strips and the list goes on. Why is it so expensive to be sick? What happens to the people that can't afford the supplies they need for daily living and have no means of help? Do they just get sick and die? I have thought about these things for a long time, just for test strips alone per month is 286.00 we have help, but I can't imagine what someone would do if they had no resources. I figured the monthly cost for Diabetic supplies for my son without coverage is 642.00. This is insane!!!! I have heard of people re-using their needles not changing their lancets and not testing regularly to keep cost of supplies down. I find this to be very sad. I wish there was something that could be done to change how the pharmaceutical companies charge for medicine.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Insulin Pump vs Lantus

We have experience with both Lantus and pumping There are pro's and con's to both but I believe pumping is much better and if your thinking about getting an insulin pump Animas is great they have wonderful customer support and their pumps have the carbsmart feature which let you input your amount of carbs consumed then add blood sugars then it figures how much insulin you need you just hit the button an go. Lantus on the other hand is different 1 shot covers for 24 hours, there is not suppose to be a peak but that is wrong, I would always have to do 3:00 am sugar checks with Lantus even though I was told I didn't need to because there is a slight peak. Even though you only get 1 shot in a 24 hour period with lantus you still have to work a formula for food coverage using Novolog or Humalog the formula we used is  Blood sugars minus 130 divided by 80 then 1 unit for every 20 grams of carbs, sometimes it was very difficult to get the right dose especially with a kid. While to me the pump is more accurate with the dosage right down to a 10th of a unit. The only problems we have had using the pump that we didn't have with Lantus is lows during activity (so now we remove the pump for any kind of physical activity) and problems with his site coming out which means he is getting no insulin and sometimes we have no idea this has happened until we do a sugar check and he is in the 500's.


I figure If I'm able to pick which insulin delivery he gets I would go with the pump.For those on a limited income maybe you don't have health insurance try a children's medical program to get help in covering the pump or any supplies for that matter.  They helped us with DS  pump.


Monday, April 03, 2006

A Good Source Of Health Information

I love it when I come across blogs that have good informative information Health And Wellness 4U is one of those such blogs. After browsing through her post I found a lot of interesting health facts that I did not know. You may want to read her post about food additives this was indeed some scary facts. I highly recommend taking a peek at her blog you may find some very valuable health information there.